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As more deck products become available in the low maintenance decking category, wood products continue to change and new products continue to appear in the North American market every year.  The largest part of the decking market in most places in North America continues to be pressure treated pine or spruce.  Cedar decks make up the largest portion of wood decks constructed by Hickory Dickory Decks.  New materials such as exotic hardwoods from different parts of the world, particularly South America, make up a portion of the very high end market.

Cedar can be separated into a number of different categories based on the grade that is assigned to each piece of lumber.  Grades are based generally on appearance and for some types of lumber based on the strength and structural capability of the wood.  Hickory Dickory Decks uses only the highest grades of knotty cedar for decking, rails, trim and skirting.  Our suppliers separate premium grades of material far beyond the quality found in most retail stores.  We also carry clear cedar which is free from large knots and often from older trees which makes for a tighter grain and typically a longer lasting deck.

Exotic hardwoods such as Ipe have become readily available in North America over the past decade with a large array of different species being harvested for decking.  Hardwoods have a unique, beautiful look but require regular maintenance to keep the appearance.  These products have exceptional durability because of their density and will typically last far longer than a traditional wood deck.  In the recent past, there has been a movement toward sustainability and environmental protection with the harvest of South American hardwoods.  Certifications and government protection programs have been put into place to provide the consumer with peace of mind when purchasing these products.  Of course these certifications come with a premium price tag.

As the market for low maintenance decking grows, the applications for the traditional wood deck will continue to expand and will likely never be overshadowed by man made products.