Fast and Efficient

Dear Sir/Madam:

This is to give praise to your employee, Bruce Wrench (is that a stage name?), who completed our deck during the first week of September.

From the moment he arrived, he was friendly, ensured the safety of our children around his equipment, and established our requests and concerns about the building process.

He immediately noticed an error in the digging and pouring of the footings and had the mistake corrected quickly. He worked fast and efficiently, yet took the time to consult us about the minor adjustments that we requested. He discussed the changes, came up with alternatives, and allowed us to make the final decision.

The deck was completed on time and meets all of our expectations. Bruce's workmanship was excellent and one neighbour went as far as describing him, as an "artist"! Our children took a shine to him, the neighbors grilled him for advice, and he took pride in his work.

He is definitely an asset to your company and we would not hesitate to request him as our "builder" again.

Yours truly,
Jim and Marianne Gaunt