Patience and Consideration

Dear Hickory Dickory Decks,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that Bruce did building our deck this summer. We were so happy to have it done with plenty of time left to enjoy some great weather weeks, Although I don't know how Bruce managed, since my 2 year old son, Andrew, decided that Bruce needed all the help that Andrew could give.

Not only did Bruce do an exceptionally skilled and efficient job on our deck, but he had the patience and consideration to make Andrew feel he was also a part of this home project which made my son's self esteem soar. I don' t know how Santa will beat the airplane you made for him, Bruce, out of the scrap wood.

All of our friends and neighbours who have seen our deck were so impressed with the care and precision in the cuts of wood around our pool as well as the ornamental carved pieces that Bruce designed to finish the railings off with such style. It's this sense of pride in your work and sense of family that makes us feel so comfortable and excited to recommend Hickory Dickory Decks. It says a lot when someone works on your home as if it were his own.

Because of the great experience we've had with Hickory Dickory Decks, my parents have decided to add a deck to their 1 acre property In Waterdown and hope to request that Bruce do the job. This will really test Bruce's patience, since my Dad never likes to even be an 1/8 of an inch out.

Good luck Bruce, and thank you for everything.

Michelle, Serg and Andrew Albano