A Skillful and Competent Team

Dear Mark,

We just wanted to take time to express how fortunate it was that we chose Hickory Dickory Decks' to design and build our deck.

With your knowledge and guidance we believe we've chosen the right deck and material to meet our long-term needs.

From the first day, we knew we had a skillful and competent team handling our project. Jeremy and Brad managed to take the design and create a masterpiece. They even figured out a way to cover the concrete step and make it a part of the deck This took patience, skill and ingenuity on Jeremy and Brad's part to come up with a solution. As far as we were concerned finding an answer to this problem was critical to the success of the deck design. The curve we threw at Jeremy and Brad was skillfully maneuvered around and resulted in a deck with steps that met everyone's expectations, including the building inspectors. How Jeremy and Brad did it I don't know. I just know it works and that's what counts.

We believe if we hadn't had Jeremy and Brad on our project we're not sure that the obstacle would have been so masterfully overcome. A special thank you is extended to these two young lads.

Jeremy and Brad were professional. They were committed to excellence and their craftsmanship and the end result spoke for itself. They were proficient and masterful with their tools. They were clean and tidy (every evening when I came home everything was in neat and orderly piles. We never had to worry about my dogs stepping on anything, however, we're not sure that we were so diligent! Sorry guys if we missed a few doggy piles.

The deck is like a piece of art that everyone around us as well as ourselves can sit and admire. We are very proud of our new deck and are sure that choosing Eon was the right choice.

We love our home and we enjoy our back yard and we will get a lot of pleasure showing off our new deck to our friends and hopefully you will get some business from it.

Thank you Jeremy and Brad for putting up with our jokes in the mornings and for the phenomenal job you did. You are both a credit to Hickory Dickory Decks and Ed and I are extremely grateful to you both for the building a deck we will enjoy for many years to come.

Gillian & Ed Burgess