Maintenance Free Deck Materials

Dear Tom:

We have let far too much time pass before finally taking the time to write this letter, but nevertheless we wanted to take the opportunity to express our thanks to Hickory Dickory Decks for the fine craftsmanship and service that went into the completion of our deck this past summer.

The experience from our standpoint was one that you, as the President of the Company, should take great pride in.

Stan Weiland handled the design and consultation phase of the project in a fine manner. He did a great job in ensuring that the needs and ideas we had for our deck were incorporated into a workable design. We were interested in maintenance free deck materials; in this regard Stan demonstrated considerable knowledge and patience in leading us through the various options and considerations applicable to the ever-increasing number of material options available.

Mark Bowler and Shawn Keaney completed the bulk of the construction phase. Mark coordinated the construction activity and did a great job in communicating with us during this portion of the project. As the deck gradually took shape Mark went out of his way to highlight a variety of subtle changes, or options available to us, to help ensure our satisfaction with the final product. Mark's prompt return to put the finishing touches on our deck after we completed our landscaping was also appreciated.

We don't need to dwell on the craftsmanship, the reason we initially contacted Hickory Dickory Decks ~o discuss our deck was because of its reputation for craftsmanship and post-construction service. Based on our experience this reputation is well deserved.

We would like to make special note of how clean and organized the job site was left, not only at the completion of the project, but at the end of each work day. It was very much appreciated.

In summary Tom, we are delighted with our deck and again wish to express our thanks to you and your team, especially Mark, Shawn and Stan.

Yours truly,

Dave Dean
Marlyn Gardiner-Dean