Professionalism, Craftsmanship, and Relationship

Dear Tom,

We couldn't let the deck season pass, without sharing some of our thoughts and feelings in response to the deck we had built by Jeremy and Hickory Dickory Decks this summer.

Three words come to mind: professionalism, craftsmanship and relationship.

Professionalism. One could not have asked for more. Jeremy arrived to our home like clockwork each day - in fact, he ultimately became our alarm clock as we ceased to set one nightly knowing we would awaken promptly each morning to the musical sounds of an electronic screwdriver. He worked solidly, often not finishing up until after 5:00pm. Our yard was left spotless. All bits and pieces were bagged and removed; time was even taken to move the remaining piles of wood to ensure the continued life span of our grass. Jeremy also took the time to explain a variety of options to us as we struggled with a decision we had made regarding our privacy lattice. A variety of smoked glass was provided to assist us in our decision making process. Jeremy even designed a number of new possibilities for us to consider; one of which we went with. Needless to say we were absolutely thrilled with the result.

Craftsmanship. I now understand the phrase, 'a custom deck'. From design to completion, our deck is pure art! It began with your careful ear and care to ensure that our needs were met. You knew that we wanted something a 'little different' and we so appreciated your willingness and eagerness to share dozens of styles until we could come up with that which was 'us'. From our dura deck floor to the 21 structural posts; to the screwed in boards just in case we need to pull one up in the future); to the individually routered edging; to the beautifully angled (45 degrees to be precise) upright posts. Jeremy created a hatch for the spa access which is almost undetectable with the human eye! Our gate is also a work of art in that it too is so hidden, we can only hope to find our way in should we require access in the future! On a serious note, the stairs and planters were beautifully created from the uniqueness of the angles to the overall construction. Watching Jeremy meticulously place individual pieces of cedar along the top stair certainly surprised us but the overall result was nothing short of a masterpiece!

Relationship. You can read the 'greats' who discuss how to create a successful business and without exception one concept is repeatedly outlined...relationship. When companies build relationship, they build loyalty. It was what we knew to be our last day with Jeremy. We knew that after three weeks, today, our deck would be finished. We laughed, wondering how we would awake the next day; talked about who I could find to cook for, but seriously, felt a little sadness. Ed really nailed it when he said that we didn't just have a deck built, we lived an experience. He was right. Having been at home for the entire process, we spent hours talking with Jeremy, watching him craft our deck, and daily learning more and more but also caring more and more. We had hours with you Tom, not only in the early days while we attempted to find a design which was right for us, but as the deck developed, through your pop-in visits. We also spent significant time (but not enough as you pulled him from us!) with Shaun, new to the company but most certainly an asset. We know that our deck has now been built and we know that it is pure quality and craftsmanship. We also know that one day in the far distant future, (10 years so we were told) our deck may no longer look as it does. The edges less smooth and boards less straight. Still, in ten years time, our memories of that three weeks, of Jeremy and Shaun, the laughs, the lunches and the after work drinks, will remain. And we'll be back. Relationship - Loyalty.

Thanks Hickory Dickory - Thanks Tom, Jeremy and Shaun.

Lane and Ed Clark